geese and ducks

Songs and calls of some New York State birds

Geese and Ducks

All files are MP3 Files.
Images are adapted from drawings by Chester A. Reed, B. S. in Chapman.

Snow Goose
Chen caerulescens
"A loud resonant nasal whouck or houck ..." (Peterson)

La Fille du Régiment: (One Snow Goose in a flock
of about fifty Canadians, alarmed and finally put to flight by an intruder. The 4 distinctly sharper-pitched
honks are the Snow Goose.)
Long Island, February 2013.

Canada Goose
Branta canadiensis
"A sonorous honk." (Chapman)
Long Island, July 1997.
Two Geese overhead
Ithaca, May 1998.
Two Geese on a pond
Ithaca, May 2002.
Goose Wing Sound

Branta bernicla
"A throaty cr-r-r-unk or kurr-onk, krrr-onk" (Peterson)
A flock of brants foraging
Long Island, April 2004.

Anas platyrynchos

Woodbridge, Connecticut, March 2002.
Female Mallard Soliloquy
Long Island, March 2013.

Anas strepera
"A quack like that of the Mallard but shriller and more often repeated" (Chapman)
Long Island, March 2013.
A dozen or so Gadwalls courting. Note whistling. A couple of Wigeons in the background.
Long Island, October 2016.

American Wigeon (Baldpate)
Anas americana
"Male a distinctive airy whistle of two or three syllables wi-WIW-weew or Wiwhew." (Sibley)
Flock of Wigeons
Two or three wigeons
Same at half speed
Low quacks may be female wigeons, but mallards were present.

Wigeons: sonogram made from half-speed record. Original range 0-7350Hz.
Long Island, October 2012.

Wood Duck
Aix sponsa
Female wood duck shepherding her young.
"A frightened, plaintive oo-eek" (Chapman)
Long Island, May 2017

Long Island, May 2018.

Long-tailed Duck (formerly "Oldsquaw")
Clangula hyemalis
"Talkative; a musical ow-owdle-ow or owl-omelet" (Peterson)
"Very vocal ... upup OW OweLEP" (Sibley)
Long Island, March 2007.

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