All sound files are now mp3 files.
Images are adapted from drawings by Chester A. Reed, B. S. in Chapman.

House Finch
Carpodacus mexicanus
Long Island, March 1999
Andover, Mass., June 1999

Purple Finch
Carpodacus purpureus
Chatham, Massachusetts, April 2002

American Goldfinch
Carduelis tristis
Song in flight
"as he goes he sings with a thin, wiry voice Per-CHIC-o-ree, and he does so rhythmically with his undulating flight, always breaking out with the song just at the crest of the wavelike curve." (Mathews)
Limekiln Lake, August 1996
Song in flight
Perching song
Another from the same bird.
Long Island, July 1997
Perching song
Limekiln Lake, August 1998

Northern Cardinal
Cardinalis cardinalis
Long Island, May 1996
Long Island, June 1996
Peew, peew!
Long Island, April 1997
Long Island, May1997
Male and female keep in touch by chipping
Long Island, May 1998
Swedish song
Competing songs
Long Island, March 2007

Rufous-sided Towhee
Pipilo erythrophthalmus
Drink your tea!
Long Island, May 1996.
Variant call.
Long Island, June 1996.
Something different
Bear Mountain, June 1998.

Indigo Bunting
Passerina cyanea
New Paltz, July 1996

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Pheucticus ludovicianus
Wilton, Connecticut, May 1998
(I believe the first warble is a cue from another bird.) "...resembles a Robin's song, but mellower, given with more feeling..." Peterson
Alla pettirosso, ma con affetto.
"He has taken the tanager's tune -- which is the robin's as well -- and smoothed it and smoothed it, and sweetened it and sweetened it, till it is smoother than oil and sweeter than honey. I admire it for what it is, a miracle of mellifluency; if you call it perfect I can only acquiesce; but I cannot say that it stirs or kindles me. Perhaps I haven't a sweet ear." (Torrey 1901)

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