Songs and calls of some New York State birds

Crows and Jays

All sounf files are now in mp3 format.

Images are adapted from drawings by Chester A. Reed, B. S. in Chapman.

American Crow
Corvus brachyrynchos
One Crow
Two Crows
Enrico Crow-so
Long Island, June 1996.
Rattling sound
Long Island, May 1997.
Another crow
Long Island, September 2000.
Two crows conversing/competing
Longer conversation
Long Island, October 2012.

Fish Crow
Corvus ossifragus
One Fish Crow
Two Fish Crows
Long Island, June 1996.

Blue Jay
Cyanocitta cristata
Long Island, June 1996.
"Rusty hinge" song
Long Island, May 1997.
Long Island, May 1999.
"Mimics the calls of Red-shouldered and Red-tailed Hawks" (Peterson); Red-tailed here.
Long Island, November 2016.


Gray ("Canada") Jay
Perisoreus candiensis
Inlet, September 2014.
"ca-ca-ca and a number of peculiar sounds impossible to reproduce on paper. (Bendire)" (Chapman)

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