MAT 142 Honors Calculus II
Stony Brook    Fall 1998

Course Instructor: Anthony Phillips, Math Bldg 5-116, phone: 632-8290; email
Office hours: Wednesday and Friday, 11-12

TA: Joseph Coffey, Math Bldg 3-105
Office hours: Thursday, 3-4

Text: Calculus, by Thomas and Finney, 9th ed

Lectures Mon, Wed, Fri 9:25-10:20 in Math Bldg P-131

Recitation Sec 1: Monday 12:40-2:00 pm, Math Bldg P-131

Sec 2 has been cancelled

This is an enriched version of MAT132, with much the same spirit and syllabus, but with more emphasis on the precise statements of results and a greater variety of examples. This course will go quite fast, and it is probably unwise to take it if you do not have a solid grasp of first-semester calculus.


Homework is a very important part of the class, since no one can understand mathematics without doing problems, and since facility with manipulating mathematical expressions and ideas is essential for competence in their application. You are expected to work the exercises listed below on your own time. The graded homework (consisting of less routine problems) will usually be assigned in Friday's lecture, to handed in the following Friday. It is your responsibility to find out what this homework is and to hand it in on time. You may work on your homework with other people (in fact, this is often a good idea), but the work you hand in must be your own, not copied directly from others.

Short quizzes may occasionally be given in lecture. You will be warned about these a week or so in advance.


The first way to seek help is to go to the office hours of either Phillips or Coffey. (These will be announced later, and will be posted outside the Undergrad Math Office P 141.) You can also go to the Calculus Resource Room in the Math Learning Center, Physics A 125/7, which is open much of the time. Remember that the course divides into several natural units, and at several points in the semester, it will start almost afresh. So, even if there are quite large parts of the course that you have not yet understood, do not stop coming to class. A better strategy is to ask questions, either in class or afterwards. That way, we can know what your difficulties are and can try to help.


Each student is expected to have a programmable graphing calculator. They will be used to help understand graphs and to build intuition of the infinite processes that are basic to Calculus. The standard calculator for this course is the TI-82 or the equivalent Sharp EL9200 or 9300. We will try to supply programs for other makes (such as the Casio or HP), but if you have a different model you may have to adapt the programs yourself. (Only two or three programs will be used in this course.)


There will be two midterm tests held in lectures:

Friday, October 2 and Friday November 6

as well as a 3-hour final examination: December 16, 8:30-11:30AM

It is your responsibility to tell me beforehand if you cannot make any of these times: it may be possible to arrange a make-up.

GRADES will be calculated using the following scheme:

Homework/quizzes 25%
Midterms20% each

An alternative grade will also be computed based on the final examination. The student will receive the better of the two grades.


If you have any condition, such as a physical or mental disability, that will make it difficult to complete the course or that will require extra time on examinations, please notify me during the first two weeks of class so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Tony Phillips