MAT126 Review for Midterm I

5.1 Be able to estimate the area under a graph when the units on the x and y-axes are given (Example 3b, Exercises 2,3). Be able to estimate distance traveled from velocity information given as a graph (Exercise 11) or as a table (Example 4, Exercises 9,10).

5.2 Understand the relation between integral and area when the function is not always positive (Example 2 -you do not need to know the summation formulas 5 and 6 on p.364 but you should know they exist; you should know formula 4!- and Example 4b, Exercises 3,4,21,23). Understand the Midpoint rule (Example 5, Exercises 4,7). Understand graphically the difference between a Riemann sum and the integral (Exercise 18).

5.3 Understand how to use the Evaluation Theorem to calculate integrals using anti-derivatives (Examples 1 and 2, Exercises 8,9). Know the indefinite integrals in Table 1 p.375, and know why we write "+ C". Be able to use this information to calculate indefinite integrals of sums and constant-multiples of these functions (Examples 3,4,5, Exercises 7-30). Understand the Total Change Theorem and how to apply it (Examples 7 and 8, Exercises 55,57,58).

Use the Chapter Review for further reviewing.

February 16 2000