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Stony Brook University
MAT 125 -- Calculus A -- Fall 2013

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Directions for using WebAssign


For all problem sets, students are allowed to work together. However, the final answer you turn in must be based on your own understanding and must be in your words. Per university policy, all instances of suspected academic dishonesty will be referred to the academic judiciary.


A portion of each weekly problem set will be completed via WebAssign. There will be 12 WebAssign assignments. Your 2 lowest WebAssign scores will be dropped in computing final grades. The schedule of assignments is below. (to be completed) The best way to access WebAssign is through Blackboard. From within Blackboard, click on the link for your MAT 125 recitation. Then go to the left panel, go almost all the way to the bottom, and click on "Tools". Finally, scroll all the way to the bottom of tools and click on "WebAssign". That should automatically log you into your WebAssign account.

At the beginning of the semester there is a 2 week "grace period" during which you may access WebAssign without an access code. But within the first 2 weeks you are required to purchase a WebAssign access code (either bundled with a textbook, or as a stand-alone access code, whichever you prefer). Without a WebAssign access code, you will not be able to continue accessing WebAssign. That means you will not be able to complete the WebAssign assignments.

You can access the web interface from any computer with Internet access and a recent web browser (the computers in the SINC sites, for instance).

When you first access the WebAssign account, please go to the My Options page (in the upper right of the screen) and put in your email address.

After they are assigned, the online problems may be completed anytime before the assigned deadline. You can look at problems online, print them out, work on them as long as you like, and then answer them in a later Internet session (before the deadline). The online problems are automatically graded with instant feedback.

The online problems are of different types; some are short answer and some are multiple choice. There are different problems and different variants of the same problem. Different students will be assigned different problems. So do not try to compare your answers to another student's answers. As always, you are encouraged to work with other students to understand the course material. However all answers you submit for credit must be based on your own understanding and must be written in your own words.

Updated 8/19/2013