Stony Brook University
MAT 118 Spring 2013

Assignment 4 due in Recitation, week of February 25

Construct a graph of your own with all vertices of even degree. At least five of your vertices must have degree four, six or larger.

Number all your edges in the graph $1, 2, 3, \dots,$ etc. The order does not matter, but every edge must have a number.

Draw an Euler circuit through your graph: a path that traverses each edge exactly once. Consult pages 392, 393, 394 in the text if necessary.

Describe your Euler circuit by writing down the sequence of numbers corresponding to the edges in the order you traverse them.

Remember: Collaboration is fine, but what you hand in should be your own graph. Handing in something you copied is plagiarism and will cost you if it is detected. Write down what you tried and how it worked.

Hand in your work at the recitation meeting (Mon, Wed or Thur) next week.