Stony Brook University
MAT 118 Spring 2013

Assignment 1 due in Recitation, week of February 4

This week we will examine several of the "Stories" in Chapter 1 of Burger and Starbird (B&S). Each of them poses a problem which has to be resolved by some kind of systematic, mathematical thinking. (During the term we will see more examples of these processes, focused on various areas --numbers, geometry, probability-- where they can be more extensively applied.)

For this assignment, you are to work on four of the scenarios presented in B&S, section 1.4: numbers 11, 13, 14 and 15. For each of these problems, your job is to record your thought processes while you looked for a solution. "Thought processes" could involve reading the story carefully, making a sketch, considering a simpler example, looking forward in the book for a hint (but understand the situation and give it a try before doing that), discussing it with friends (ditto). Collaboration is fine, but what you hand in must be in your own words. Handing in something you copied is plagiarism and will cost you if it is detected. Write down what you tried and how it worked.

This assignment will be graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Just stating the correct solution, without including your own narrative, will be unsatisfactory.

Hand in your records at the recitation meeting (Mon, Wed or Thur) next week.