MAT 118
Mathematical Thinking

Fall 1999

Train of gears with multiplying power of 1012 (Leonardo da Vinci).


Fall 1999 Staff, Schedule and Homework

Review for Midterm I

Review for Midterm II

Review for Final

This course is designed for students, typically in the humanities and in the social sciences, who must take a one semester course in Mathematical and Statistical Reasoning to fulfill their distribution requirement (D.E.C. Category C).

Prerequisite: score of 2+ or better on Mathematics Placement Examination.

The course will help students develop

The course will give students a taste of several topics in mathematics, chosen according to two criteria: approachability by non-technically-oriented students, and relevance to their future activities or thought-processes. In each of these topics students will engage in the actual process of mathematical problem solving. So this course is not a general survey of the history of mathematics, nor a ``math for poets'' course. It will be a regular math course, with problem sets and problem-based examimations.

The text will be Mathematics, A Practical Odyssey by Johnson and Mowry (Brooks Cole).
Each student should have a scientific calculator.

Schedule in Fall 1999:
Lecture MW 9:25-10:20
Recitation 01 TuTh 9:50-10:45
Recitation 02 TuTh 12:50-1:45
For more information contact Prof. Anthony Phillips, Mathematics Department, 632-8290.