Song Sun  孙崧


 Department of Mathematics

 Stony Brook University





 Research Interest: Differential and Algebraic Geometry.




Math 126, Calculus B, Spring 2017


Math 645, Topics in Differential Geometry, Spring 2017




 Publications and Preprints





 Symplectic geometry-celebrating the work of Simon Donaldson, Cambridge, August 2017.


 Collapse, Adiabatic Limits and Special Holonomy, London, January 2017.


 Simons collaboration on special holonomy Inaugural Conference, Simons Center, September 2016.


 ● Algebraic Geometry: Old and New.  Oxford, September 2016.


 Conference in Differential Geometry. Celebrating Claude LeBrun’s 60th birthday.  Montreal, July 2016.


 ● Geometrie.  Oberwolfach, June 2016.


 ● Sanya school in complex analysis and geometry.  Sanya, January 2016.


 Riemannian convergence theory. Simons Center, November 2015.


 Moduli spaces and singularities in algebraic and Riemannian geometry. Simons Center, Fall 2015.


 Algebraic geometry 2015. University of Utah, July 2015.


 Workshop on Ricci curvature. Northwestern University, May 2015.


 ● Recent Advances in Kähler geometry. Vanderbilt University, May 2015.


 Algebraic Geometry Northeastern Series (AGNES). Boston College, March 2015.


 ● Trends in Modern Geometry. Tokyo, July 2014.


  29th Geometry Festival. Stony Brook, April 2014.


  Mini-school on K-stability. Stony Brook, Dec 2013.


 ● The sixth International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians (ICCM). Taipei, July 2013. 


 Differentialgeometrie im Grossen. Oberwolfach, July 2013


 Recent Developments in Kähler geometry. IHP Paris, December 2012. 


 The 18th International Symposium on Complex Geometry. Sugadaira, October 2012.