MAT 545
Complex Geometry


Sorin Popescu (office: Math 3-109, tel. 632-8255, e-mail sorin at


TuTh 9:50am-11:10am Physics P123

About the course

The course aims to give brief introduction to basic notions and techniques in complex differential geometry and complex algebraic geometry. The language will be mainly geometric and/or analytic and we will assume material covered in MAT 530/531, MAT 534/535 as well as MAT 539 (Algebraic Topology), and MAT 542/543 (Complex Analysis). It should however be possible to fill in some of the gaps during the semester.


No particular text will be used exclusively for the course, but the plan is to cover parts of chapters 0-1-2 in Ph. Griffiths' and J. Harris' textbook Principles of Algebraic Geometry and part of Claire Voisin's textbook Hodge Theory and Complex Algebraic Geometry I. (These two textbooks will be in the library on reserve.)

Other textbooks that you may find useful are the following:


The following is a tentative list of what we will try to cover in class:

If time allows any of the following topics may perhaps be also discussed:


I will assign problems in each lecture, ranging in difficulty from routine to more challenging. They are due the following week.