MAT 311 -- Information about Project 1

Project 1 should be handed in by 03/06. Please select one of the topics listed below. You need to make your selection and also inform me of it by 2/20. All programming projects and Computing and Programming Exercises (CPE) are taken from the 4th edition of Rosen's textbook.

For any of the programming projects, please email me at the program source code (in readable form -- indented and commented), and hand in the program outline and a reasonable amount of program output. You can use any programming language you like (within reasonable limits - i.e., a language for which there exist easily available compilers). Preferred ones are Maple, Mathematica (yes, they are programming languages), C, OCAML and Java, but you can also use C++, Pascal, Python, Fortran, Lisp, Turing machine...

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