Schedule for SCH102.09
Spring 2017

Week Topic
1/23 Introduction: What are numbers?
1/30 The Peano Axioms for the Natural numbers
2/6 More on the Peano Axioms: addition
2/13 Other properties of N and +: Associative, Transitive Order. See for details.
2/20 induction revisited; first definitions for multiplication.
2/27 multiplication, exponentiation for natural numbers.
3/6 integers as pairs of naturals
Spring Break
(probably not like this)
3/20 integers continued
3/27 Presentation
Language and Numbers: Omar Naimi
4/3 rationals
4/10 real numbers
4/17 Presentations:
Zeno's Paradox: Christopher Mikolatis, Nick Miklave
Transcendental Numbers: Danny DeGennaro, Andrew Warren
4/24 Presentations:
Ciphers and Codes: Sadeem Hussain, Zachary Baumgartner, Kiran Eiden
A History of Number Theory: Ying-Tai Chen, Anndrika Bhatia, Lilly Henriquez
5/1 Presentations:
Fermat's Last Theorem: Stephen Chen, James Chen
Infinitesimals: Thomas Cavallo, Connor Stewart
Tetration and Hyperoperations: Henry Crain, Marco Losada, Skyler Graap

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