Project Schedule for Math 319

Fall 2008

Below is the schedule for when each group will present their project, and what they are doing.

11:15 Jennelle Lee, Andrea Fisher, Greg Smith The Fibonacci Sequence
11:30 Ann Walter History of the limit and infinitesimals
11:45 Robert Ribaudo Binary Representation
12:00 Li Hou Square Roots
12:30 Kohei Izuka (didn't show up) Divergent Sequences
11:15 Ewa Dabkowska, Anne McCormack, Pat Esposito The Harmonic Series
11:30 Catherine Lorson, Holly Grodsky, Thuan Nguyen Uniform Continuity
12:00 Christine Cortopassi, Vanessa Escaldi, Ayesha Fahmin, Caitlin Madden The Fibonacci Sequence
12:15 Erik Fersko Square Roots
12:30 Justin Axisa, Michael Huenger, John Geiger Hyperreal Numbers
11:15 Steven Lim, Noeul Kim Square Roots
11:30 Michael Caiola, Chris Olszewski, Dan Veith Dedekind Cuts
11:45 Christina Perico Countability and the Continuum Hypothesis
12:00 Derin Erimez, Justin Rathjen, Anthony Rubbo The Continuum Hypothesis
12:15 Frank Miata, Nick Panebianco The Fibonacci Sequence
12:30 Seung Hoan Choi, Seung Young Hwang, Oh Jae Kwon Infinite Series

If you need to adjust or make changes, please contact me right away. Similarly, if you need a projector, please give me at least 1 day's warning.

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