Samuel Grushevsky: academic year 2015-2016 travel

Sep 2015-May 2016: Sabbatical, partly supported by Simons Fellowship
Sep 8-22Hannover, GermanyVisiting Leibniz Universität Hannover (Klaus Hulek)
Sep 14Hannover, GermanyInstitute of Algebraic Geometry research seminar
Oct 4-25Berlin, GermanyVisiting Humboldt Universität (Gavril Farkas)
Oct 6-9Berlin, GermanyGeometry of Algebraic Varieties, celebrating Alessandro Verra
Oct 21Berlin, GermanyAlgebraic geometry seminar at Humboldt Universität
Oct 26-30Luminy, FranceModuli spaces in geometry
Nov 10Cambridge, MAHarvard/MIT algebraic geometry seminar
Nov 12Boston, MABoston College Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry seminar
Dec 4Stony Brook, NYMini-school on invariants of singularities (5th biannual Stony Brook mini-school in geometry)
Dec 8-20Rome, ItalyVisiting Universita Roma La Sapienza (Riccardo Salvati Manni)
Dec 9Rome, ItalyAlgebra and geometry seminar at Universita Roma La Sapienza
Dec 10Rome, ItalyGeometry seminar at Universita Roma Tre
Jan 2-9Berlin, GermanyVisiting Humboldt Universität (Gavril Farkas)
Jan 5Berlin, GermanyRaum, Zeit, Materie SFB seminar
Jan 11-Mar 28New York, NYVisiting Columbia University (Igor Krichever)
Feb 26New York, NYAlgebraic geometry seminar at Columbia University
Feb 29-Mar 4Guanajuato, MexicoCIMPA-CIMAT-ICTP school on moduli of curves
Mar 19-20Stony Brook, NYAMS Eastern Sectional Meeting
Mar 29-Jun 11Hannover, GermanyVisiting Leibniz Universität Hannover (Klaus Hulek)
Apr 14Hannover, GermanyInstitute of Algebraic Geometry research seminar
Apr 24-30Oberwolfach, GermanyModuli spaces and modular forms
May 30-Jun 3Stockholm, SwedenConference on moduli, integrability, and dynamics
Jun 12-18Oberwolfach, GermanyClassical algebraic geometry
Aug 1-5Providence, RICycles on Moduli spaces, GIT, and Dynamics


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