Samuel Grushevsky: academic year 2017-2018 travel

Sep 18-22San Jose, CAAmerican Institute of Mathematics SQuaRe
Sep 29Stanford, CA Stanford algebraic geometry seminar
Oct 13-15Boston, MA AGNES
Nov 1 Newark, NJColloquium at Rutgers-Newark
Nov 9New Haven, CTYale Algebraic and Tropical Geometry seminar
Jan 22-26, 2018Valladolid, Spain7th Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry
Mar 13, 2018Beer Sheva, IsraelBen Gurion University Math Colloquium
Mar 20, 2018Jerusalem, IsraelTopology and Geometry seminar
Apr 13-15, 2018New Brunswick, NJ AGNES
May ?-Jun ? 2018Bonn, GermanyMax Planck Institut fur Mathematik
Jul 15-21, 2018Oberwolfach, GermanyClassical algebraic geometry
Aug 13-20, 2018Hannover, Germany Arithmetic and Geometry of Cubic Hypersurfaces
Sep 2-7, 2018Banff, CanadaTau Functions of Integrable Systems and Their Applications
Sep 16-22, 2018Oberwolfach, GermanyFlat surfaces and algebraic curves (co-organizing)
Oct 22-26, 2018Toronto, CanadaDynamics and moduli spaces of translation surfaces
Nov 26-30, 2018San Jose, CAAmerican Institute of Mathematics SQuaRe
Apr ? - May ?, 2019Berkeley, CABirational Geometry and Moduli Spaces at MSRI
Sep 30-Oct 4, 2019Luminy, France Geometry of Algebraic Varieties


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