Samuel Grushevsky: academic year 2017-2018 travel

Sep 18-22San Jose, CAAmerican Institute of Mathematics SQuaRe
Sep 29Stanford, CA Stanford algebraic geometry seminar
Oct 13-15Boston, MA AGNES
Nov 1 Newark, NJColloquium at Rutgers-Newark
Nov 9New Haven, CTYale Algebraic and Tropical Geometry seminar
Jan 22-26, 2018Valladolid, Spain7th Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry
Mar 13, 2018Beer Sheva, IsraelBen Gurion University Math Colloquium
Mar 20, 2018Jerusalem, IsraelTopology and Geometry seminar
Apr 13-15, 2018New Brunswick, NJ AGNES
Apr 17-19, 2018Boston, MARTG mini-course at Northeastern University
Jun 1-Jul 15, 2018Bonn, GermanyVisiting Max Planck Institut für Mathematik
Jun 26, 2018Hannover, GermanyOberseminar Algebraische Geometrie at Leibniz Universität
Jun 27, 2018Leipzig, GermanySeminar at Max Planck Institut für Mathematik in der Naturwissenschaften
Jul 15-21, 2018Oberwolfach, GermanyClassical algebraic geometry
Aug 13-20, 2018Hannover, Germany Arithmetic and Geometry of Cubic Hypersurfaces
Sep 2-7, 2018Banff, CanadaTau Functions of Integrable Systems and Their Applications
Sep 16-22, 2018Oberwolfach, GermanyFlat surfaces and algebraic curves (co-organizing)
Oct 22-26, 2018Toronto, CanadaDynamics and moduli spaces of translation surfaces
Nov 26-30, 2018San Jose, CAAmerican Institute of Mathematics SQuaRe
Feb 4-8, 2019Stony Brook, NY Holomorphic differentials in mathematics and physics
?Mar 4-8, 2019Beijing, ChinaLectures on Riemann surfaces at Morningside Center for Mathematics
Apr 22? - May 24, 2019Berkeley, CABirational Geometry and Moduli Spaces at MSRI
Sep 30-Oct 4, 2019Luminy, France Geometry of Algebraic Varieties


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