SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 310: Linear Algebra
Spring 2019

Welcome to MAT 310

Textbook: Linear Algebra Done Right by S. Axler.

Lecturer: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Office: Math Tower 4115

Office Hours: W 12:00pm-02:00pm in my office, Th 1:00pm- 2:00pm in MLC (S235), or by appt.


Course Overview

This course is a continuation of MAT 211. We will cover fundamentals of finite dimensional vector spaces, linear maps, dual spaces, bilinear functions, and inner products. A tentative weekly plan for the course is here.

Information for students willing to move up to MAT 315

We will cover approximately the same material in the first couple of weeks in MAT 310 and MAT 315. On Thursday, February 14, we will have an exam in class which will decide whether a student would stay in MAT 310 or be allowed to move up to MAT 315.


Homework assignments will be posted here and on BlackBoard. Please hand them in to your recitation instructor, Yoon-Joo Kim, the following week. Please note that your recitation instructor will NOT accept late homework.


There will be a short quiz in your recitation session every other week. The first quiz will be given in the week of Feb 11 - Feb 15.

Exams and Grading

There will be two midterms, and a final exam (dates here), whose weights in the overall grade are listed below.

15% Homework

10% Quizzes

20% Midterm 1

20% Midterm 2

35% Final Exam (cumulative)