Russell Lodge

Department of Mathematics

About me:

I am a Milnor lecturer at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Stony Brook University. My research interests include complex dynamics, Teichmüller space, self-similar groups, and Thurston's theorem for postcritically finite rational maps. My doctoral thesis was written under the supervision of Kevin Pilgrim at Indiana University.


  • Quadratic Thurston maps with few postcritical points, with G. Kelsey
  • Origami, affine maps, and complex dynamics, with W. Floyd, G. Kelsey, S. Koch, W. Parry, K. Pilgrim, and E. Saenz
      (NETmap software available here)
  • A classification of postcritically finite Newton maps, with Y. Mikulich and D. Schleicher
  • Combinatorial properties of Newton maps, with Y. Mikulich and D. Schleicher
  • Boundary values of the Thurston pullback map Conform. Geom. Dyn. 17 (2013), 77-118
  • Thesis
  • Teaching:

    Logic, Language and Proof--Spring 2017
    Introduction to Linear Algebra--Fall 2016
    Undergraduate Seminar / Perspectives (Module II)
    Undergraduate Seminar / Perspectives (Module I)
    ESM 2B-Linear Algebra, Fourier, Probability--Spring 2015
    ESM 1B-Multivariable Calculus, ODE--Fall 2014
    Introductory Complex Analysis--Fall 2013
    General Mathematics and Computational Science II--Spring 2013
    Perspectives of Mathematics--Fall 2012


    Boundary values of Thurston's pullback map
    Classification of postcritically finite Newton maps

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