Student School Class Senior Thesis Advisor
William Vickery University of Illinois at Chicago 2017 Patterns relating self-instersection number and word length for curves in the three-punctured sphere Moira Chas
Ankit Patel Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine 2017 Determination of Rate Constants by Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Dale G. Drueckhammer (Chemistry)
James Palmeri 2017 A Generalization of Wythoff's Game Lisa Berger
Thomas Krahulik 2017 Simulated Measurements of Exclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering with a Future Electron Ion Collider Experiment Abhay Deshpande (Physics) 
Samual Kolins 2017 Christian Schnell and Jason Starr
Plamen Kamenov 2017 Graphene and BSCCO superconducting hybrid layered devices  Xu Du (Physics)
Nancy Hong Masters in Actuarial Science, U Michigan Ann Arbor 2017 Length and self-intersection number of\\closed geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces Moira Chas
Gayle Geschwind UC Boulder (Physics) 2017
Matvey Genkin 2017 A combinatorial characterization of curves on the multiply punctured sphere Moira Chas
Kyle Capobianco-Hogan 2017 The magnetic cloaking of charged particle beams  Abhay Deshpande (Physics) 
Lea Kenigsberg Columbia University 2017
Michael Marinelli CUNY Graduate Center 2017 The homology of compact surfaces Mark de Cataldo
Abraham Rabinowitz Northwestern University 2016
Alfred Yerger III Indiana U, Bloomington.  2016 Dimension Count of Teichm\"uller Space of Compact Riemann Surfaces Michael Anderson
Keegan Stoner Boston University (PhD program in Physics) 2016 Embeddings of Graphs in Orientable Surfaces Olga Plamenevskaya
Luke Green 2016 Machine Learning Regression on Interval Data Scott Ferson
Daniel Capic 2016 Examining the Unification of the Fundamental Forces with a Treatment of Fiber Bundles Anthony Phillips
Xiao Zhang Boston University 2015
Jason Jo University of Texas at Austin Structured Low Complexity Data Mining Marco Martens
Christopher Dular  2015 Chris Bishop
Christopher Camenares Georgetown (in Economics) 2015 Distribution Comparisons of Difference Chess-Piece Relative Value Assignments Scott Sutherland
Shalin Parekh Special master in probability , University of Geneva. Phd. Student at Unviersity of Texas, Austin 2015 Properties and Conjectures About the Trace of Two-Dimensional Brownian Motion Chris Bishop
Dat Nguyen Stanford University 2015 Bernstein-Type Theorems in Lorentzian Geometry Claude Lebrun
Sharmishtha Saxena Masters in Actuarial Science at Columbia 2014 Harmonic functions and Poisson integral formula Leon Takhtajan 
Victor Suriel Brown University 2014
Shuyuan Tang 2014 Statistics of the intersection number of curves on surfaces. Moira Chas
Christopher Sukhu SUNY Albany 2014 Algebraic Cryptography Ljudmila Kamenova
Ivan Chio Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis 2014 Vector Fields on the Mobius Strip Marco Martens
Zhi Li Columbia University 2014 A bound for the Hausdorff dimension of the limit set of Fuchsian groups of the pair of pants. Moira Chas
Leo Herr CU Boulder 2014
Daniel Levine Penn State 2014 Relation beween self-interection number and length equivalence of curves on surfaces surface  Moira Chas
Thao Do M.I.T. 2014 Classification of Delsarte surfaces with log canonical singularities Radu Laza
Sugil Lee Michigan State Univ. 2013
Irene Kim UC Davis 2013
Kevin Sackel Churchil Scholarship at Cambridge - M. I. T  2013 Locally bi-Lipchitz Maps of Bounded Constant from Smooth domains to Cubes Chris Bishop
Ahmad Rafiqi Cornell University 2012 About Thurston classification theorem of surface homeomorphims,  Dennis Sullivan
Ren Yi Brown University 2012 Exploring the Effects of Surface Transformations on Closed Curves Moira Chas
Kevin Maritato Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics SB, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at SB 2012 Gender and the Pursuit of Mathematics Lisa Berger
Luan Qi City University of New York 2012 Fricke Polynomials Moira Chas
Kenneth Ascher Brown University 2012
Robert Castellano Columbia University 2011 Configurations of curves on surfaces. Moira Chas
Jingyu Zhao Columbia University 2011
Keren Li University of Texas at Austin 2011 Experiments suggesting that the distribution of the hyperbolic length of closed geodesics sampling by word length is Gaussian Moira Chas
Andrew Marchese University of Tennessee 2011
Tianqi Fan University of Chicago 2011
Penghui Li UC Berkeley 2011
Alex Kunin Penn State 2010
Roman Kogan Texas A & M 2010 Olga Plamenevskaya
Margaret Brown Ohio University 2010 A conjecture about  the distribution of self-intersection of curves on surfaces sampling by word length Moira Chas
Anand Chandran City University of New York 2010 Exploring the Effects of Surface Transformations on Closed Curves Moira Chas
Chris Arettines City University of New York 2009 A combinatorial algorithm for visualizing representatives with minimal self-intersection Moira Chas
Mathew Pancia University of Texas at Austin 2009
Christina Domanico 2009 Gender and Mathematical Problem Solving Lisa Berger
Jimmy Mathews Stony Brook University 2009 Dennis Sullivan
Ismael Jafarov New York University 2009 Algebra of Dedekind cuts Scott Sutherland
Chaya( Rosen) Norton Stony Brook University 2008
Daniel Jenkins  Courant Institute (PhD. 2013) 2008 Kleinian Groups Limit Sets Scott Sutherland
Russell Avdek  U Southern California (PhD. 2013) 2008 Olga Plamenevskaya
Itamar Gal University of Texas at Austin 2007
Ka Choi UC Berkeley 2006
Ki Song Stony Brook University 2004
Jonathan Hanke Princeton University  1995 Torsion on certain elliptic curves over Q( d) Anthony Knapp