I have been involved in many teaching activities in the past, with students from a variety of backgrounds.

Back in Brazil, I worked with middle and high-school students in their preparation for Mathematics contests. In addition, I taught at the college level in my Alma Mater, Universidade Federal do CearĂ¡, both as an assistant (as part of training for my Master's degree) and Instructor for courses such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Applied Math and others (full info on my CV).

At Stony Brook, I have been a Teaching Assistant since the Fall of 2014. I have taught many courses, as Assistant and Instructor - see the full list below. Lately I have also been involved in outreach activities such as the Mathematics Summer Program, organized by the Institute for STEM Education.

Courses taught at Stony Brook:
  • MAT 118 - Mathematical Thinking, as Instructor (Summer 2015)
  • MAT 123 - Introduction to Calculus, recitations. (Spring 2016)
  • MAT 126 - Calculus B, recitations. (Spring 2015 and Spring 2017)
  • MAT 127 - Calculus C, as Instructor (Summer 2015).
  • MAT 131 - Calculus I, recitations. (Fall 2015)
  • MAT 132 - Calculus II, as Instructor. (Summer 2016)
  • MAT 200 - Logic, Language and Proof, as grader. (Fall 2015)
  • MAT 303 - Calculus IV with applications, recitations. (Spring 2016)
  • MAT 319 - Foundations of Analysis, recitations. (Fall 2016)
  • MAT 324 - Real Analysis, as grader. (Fall 2014)