Brandon Williams
Department of Mathematics
SUNY, Stony Brook

Office: 2-105, Math Tower

Advisor: Oleg Viro
Research Interests:

Summer 2010 MAT 125 (Calculus A), Lecture
Spring 2010 MAT 118 (Mathematical Thinking), Recitation 01
Fall 2009 MAT 123 (Calculus A), Recitation 07
Summer 2009 MAT 203 (Calculus III), Lecture 01
Spring 2009 MAT 125 (Calculus A), Recitation 04
Fall 2008 MAT 132 (Calculus II), Recitation 10
Summer 2008 MAT 125 (Calculus A), Lecture 02
Spring 2008 MAT 131 (Calculus I), Recitation 02
Fall 2007 MAT 171 (Accelerated Calculus), Recitation 02
Summer 2007 MAT 132 (Calculus II), Lecture
Spring 2007 MAT 312 (Applied Algebra), Recitation 02
Fall 2006 MAT 132 (Calculus II), Recitation 03

These are some notes that I typed up when I was studying for my oral exam, as well as just random topics. Now that orals are over I will not be updating these notes, so the many errors and gaps will stay. I am now creating a more complete set of notes on these topics.
PDF Oral Exam Syllabus (Last Updated: November 16, 2008)
PDF Lee's variant of Khovanov Homology (Last Updated: June 04, 2008)
PDF Computations in Khovanov Homology (Last Updated: June 04, 2008)
PDF Classifying Spaces and Representability Theorems (Last Updated: June 04, 2008)
PDF Spectral Sequences (Last Updated: June 04, 2008)
PDF Homotopy Theory (Last Updated: September 06, 2008)
PDF Low Dimensional Topology (Last Updated: November 25, 2008)
PDF Gauge Theory (Last Updated: August 26, 2008)

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