MAT132 Calculus II

Course Description: From the undergraduate bulletin: A continuation of MAT 131, covering symbolic and numeric methods of integration; area under a curve; volume; applications such as work and probability; improper integrals and l'Hospital's rule; complex numbers; sequences; series; Taylor series; differential equations; and modelling. May not be taken for credit in addition to MAT 127 or 142 or AMS 161.

Textbook: Single Variable Calculus (Stony Brook Edition 4), by James Stewart. This is the same book as Stewart's Single Variable Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, 4th ed, but with a different cover. However, the Stony Brook Edition comes with an access code for WebAssign. The Stony Brook edition of the text is available at the campus bookstore. There is also an electronic-only version of the text available at WebAssign. In addition, you can buy a new printed copy of the text online from the publisher, including webassign access. Instructions for getting the textbook can be found at

Homework: To learn calculus you must solve problems (not just learn theory). Expect to spend at least 8 hours a week solving problems; do all of the assigned problems, as well as additional ones to study. If you do not understand how to do something, get help from your TA, your lecturer, your classmates, or in the Math Learning Center. You are encouraged to study with and discuss problems with others from the class, but write up your own homework by yourself, and make sure you understand how to do the problems. The textbook has many practice problems and these problems are contained in the appropriate section of the book listed in the syllabus.

There will be weekly assignments on WebAssign - WebAssign should be accessed through Blackboard. There may also be short written assignments. Late homework will never be accepted!

Practice Exams: Before each exam there will be a practice exam. Please do all the problems in them as it might contain some important points not covered in the homework problems.

Exams: There are two midterms and one final. If you miss an exam (without a valid note from a doctor or funeral director or equivalent), you will get 0. There are no retakes.

Homework10%Each WeekMostly in webassign unless stated otherwise
Midterm I25%Monday March 2nd, 8:45pm-10:15pmTo be determined.
Midterm II25%Wednesday April 1st, 8:45pm-10:15pmTo be determined.
Final35% Wednesday, May 13th, 11:15am-1:45pm.To be determined.
Recitation Attendance5%

Disability Support Services: If you have a physical, psychological, medical, or learning disability that may affect your course work, please contact Disability Support Services (DSS) office: ECC (Educational Communications Center) Building, room 128, telephone (631) 632-6748/TDD. DSS will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. Arrangements should be made early in the semester (before the first exam) so that your needs can be accommodated. All information and documentation of disability is confidential. Students requiring emergency evacuation are encouraged to discuss their needs with their professors and DSS. For procedures and information, go to the following web site and search Fire safety and Evacuation and Disabilities.

Academic Integrity: Each student must pursue his or her academic goals honestly and be personally accountable for all submitted work. Representing another person's work as your own is always wrong. Faculty are required to report any suspected instance of academic dishonesty to the Academic Judiciary. For more comprehensive information on academic integrity, including categories of academic dishonesty, please refer to the academic judiciary website at

Critical Incident Management: Stony Brook University expects students to respect the rights, privileges, and property of other people. Faculty are required to report to the Office of Judicial Affairs any disruptive behavior that interrupts their ability to teach, compromises the safety of the learning environment, and/or inhibits students' ability to learn.

Lecture 1Lecture 2
ScheduleMWF 10.00-10.53 (Engineering 143)MW 4.00-5.20 (Engineering 145)
InstructorYin Tian Mark McLean
Office hours
  • Monday 3-4pm in SCGP 406
  • Wednesday 2-3pm in MLC
  • Wednesday 3-4pm in SCGP 406
  • Monday 1-2pm in MLC
  • Monday 2-3pm in MATH 4-101B
  • Wednesday 1-2pm in MATH 4-101B
  • R01: MW 12:00pm-12:53pm, Library W4550, Jaroslaw Jaracz
  • R02: TuTh 10:00am-10:53am, Harriman Hll 111, Sean Farrell
  • R03: TuTh 8:30am- 9:23am, Library W4525, Mahmoud Abd-El-Hafez
  • R05: MW 11:00am-11:53am, Library E4310, Jaroslaw Jaracz
  • R06: TuTh 5:30pm- 6:23pm, Library E4310, Xuemiao Chen
  • R07: MW 10:00am-10:53am, Library E4310, David Hu
  • R09: TuTh 11:30am-12:23pm, Library W4525, Debra Wertz


The textbook is intended to be read. Below is a syllabus for the course that shows what will be covered each week. It will greatly improve your comprehension if you read the relevant sections before class. Furthermore, this will allow you to ask good questions on anything you didn't understand when you read through it.

Week CommencingSections CoveredNotes/Homework etc.
  • Administration
  • Review of Sections 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5.
Homework 1 on WebAssign will appear on 1/28. It is due on 2/4 at 2pm.
  • 5.6:Integration by Parts
  • 5.7: Additional Techniques of Integration

Homework 2 on WebAssign will appear on 2/4. It is due on 2/11 at 2pm.
  • 5.9: Approximate Integration
  • 5.9: Simpson's Rule
  • 5.10: Improper Integrals

Homework 3 on WebAssign will appear on 2/11. It is due on 2/18 at 2pm.
  • 5.10: Improper Integrals (continued)
  • 6.1:More about Area
Homework 4 on WebAssign will appear on 2/18. It is due on 2/25 at 2pm.
  • 6.2: Volumes
  • 6.3: Cylindrical Shells
  • 6.4: Arc Length
No homework this week, due to Midterm I taking place on Monday 2nd of March. It will cover sections 5.6-5.10 and 6.1
There will be a practice exam.
  • 6.5: Average Value of a Function
  • Appendix H: Polar Coordinates
Midterm I taking place on Monday 2nd March.
Homework 5 on WebAssign will appear on 3/4. It is due on 3/11 at 2pm.
  • 8.1: Sequences
  • 8.2: Infinite Series
Homework 6 on WebAssign will appear on 3/11. It is due on 3/25 at 2pm.
  • Spring Break!
  • 8.2: Series
  • 8.3: Convergence Tests
No homework this week, due to Midterm II taking place on Wednesday April 1st.
It will cover sections 6.2-6.5, 8.1-8.3 and Appendix H.
There will be a practice exam.
  • 8.4: More Convergence Tests
  • 8.5: Power Series
Midterm II is taking place on Wednesday April 1st.
Homework 7 on WebAssign will appear on 4/1. It is due on 4/8 at 2pm.
  • 8.5: Power Series continued
  • 8.6: Representation of Functions By Power Series
  • 8.7: Taylor Series
Homework 8 on WebAssign will appear on 4/8. It is due on 4/15 at 2pm.
  • 8.7: Taylor Series continued
  • 8.8: Approximating Functions by Polynomials
  • Appendix I: Complex Numbers
Homework 9 on WebAssign will appear on 4/15. It is due on 4/22 at 2pm.
  • 7.1: Modeling with Differential Equations
  • 7.2: Direction Fields & Euler's Method
  • 7.3: Separable Equations
Homework 10 on WebAssign will appear on 4/22. It is due on 4/29 at 2pm.
  • 7.4: Exponential Growth
Homework 11 on WebAssign will appear on 4/29. It is due on 5/6 at 2pm.
  • 7.5: Logistic Equation
No homework, so start preparing for the final!
Final Exam on Wednesday, May 13, 11:15am-1:45pm