PhD students

  Bertuel Tangue (Sept 20 2019)(Co-adviced with C. Ogouyandjou and L. Palmisano ):  current student
  Zhuang Tao (May 2019):  current student
  Paul Frigge (May 2018):  current student
  Dyi-Shing Ou (May 2018): The non-existence of Wandering domains for infintely renormalizable Henon maps
  Ying Chi (Aug 7 2015): Two-Dimensional Renormalization
  Young Woo Nam (Dec 12 2011): Renormalization of three dimensional Henon maps

  Bjorn Winckler (Aug 23 2011, co-advised with M.Benedicks): Renormalization of Lorenz maps

  Peter Hazard (Dec 8 2008): Henon like Maps and Renormalisation

  Sarma Chandramouli (Dec 8 2008): Renormalization and non-rigidity