MAT 200 Logic, Language and Proof

Spring 2019


Zhiqiang Li


Math Tower 4-105

Office Hours

Monday 2 - 4 pm; MLC: Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30 pm


lizq at math .stonybrook .edu


Grades, homeworks, and some course administration will take place on Blackboard. Please login using your NetID at

Course description 

MAT 200 is a basic course in the logic of mathematics, the construction of proofs and the writing of proofs. The mathematical content is primarily set theory, combinatorics and Euclidean geometry. There is considerable focus on writing. Prerequisite: Level 4 on the mathematics placement examination or equivalent course or permission of the instructor. Textbook: An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning: numbers, sets, and fucntions, by Peter J. Eccles.


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Written homework



Midterm: TBA. Location: In class (Library W4530).

Final exam: 5/14 8:30--11:00 pm. Location: TBA.