Times and places:

Lectures     MWF 10:00am-10:53am     Harriman Hall 137     Lorenzo Foscolo

R01     W 5:30pm- 6:23pm     Physics P112     Michael Albanese

R02     M 1:00pm- 1:53pm     Physics P112     Michael Albanese

R03     Th 1:00pm- 1:53pm     Physics P112     Zheng Zhang

Important dates are on the university Spring 2014 academic calendar.


Excursions in Modern Mathematics, by P. Tannenbaum, 8th edition, Pearson.


C or better in MAP 103 or level 2+ or higher on the mathematics placement examination. (Prerequisite must be met within one year of beginning this course.)

Lectures, recitations and office hours:

You are expected to attend both lectures and recitation every week. Lectures give some basic understanding of the topics covered in the course. Recitations build your problem-solving skills. They are very important because one learns mathematics only by doing it. The time and location of lectures and recitations is above. Make sure you know your recitation section number; you must be enrolled in the recitation you attend.

The lecturer and the recitation instructors hold office hours every week.  The times and locations are on the Instructors page, as well as the electronic addresses of all the instructors. You are encouraged to see your lecturer or recitation instructor to discuss homework and other questions.


Homework is assigned weekly. It is due at the meeting of your recitation section the following week and must be handed in to your recitation instructor. No late homework will be accepted.

Grading policy:

There will be two midterm exams worth 20% of the final grade each, a final exam (40%) and weekly homework (20%).

If you need math help:

Your recitation instructor and lecturer are happy to help. Come to our office hours with questions on homework and lectures. Additional help is available at the Math Learning Center.

DSS advisory:

If you have a physical, psychiatric, medical, or learning disability that could adversely affect your ability to carry out assigned course work, we urge you to contact the Disabled Student Services office (DSS), Educational Communications Center (ECC) Building, room 128, (631) 632-6748.  DSS will review your situation and determine, with you, what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation regarding disabilities will be treated as strictly confidential.

Students for whom special evacuation procedures might be necessary in the event of an emergency are encouraged to discuss their needs with both the instructor and with DSS. Important information regarding these issues can also be found at the following web site:

Academic Integrity:

Each student must pursue his or her academic goals honestly and be personally accountable for all submitted work. Representing another person’s work as your own is always wrong. Faculty are required to report any suspected instances of academic dishonesty to the Academic Judiciary. Faculty in the Health Sciences Center (School of Health Technology and Management, Nursing, Social Welfare, Dental Medicine) and School of Medicine are required to follow their school-specific procedures. For more comprehensive information on academic integrity, including categories of academic dishonesty, please refer to the academic judiciary website at: