MAT 551: Real Analysis III

Fall 2011

SUNY at Stony Brook
Department of Mathematics
SUNY at Stony Brook

You can also consult many other good textbooks and monographs on functional analysis, including:

Schedule: TuTh 12:50  - 2:10 PHYSICS P125.

Instructor: Leon  Takhtajan, Math Tower 5-116, Phone: 632-8290, email:

Topics covered:

Prerequisites:  The basic core courses curriculum.

Howework & Exams: Homework will be posted on the web page, with problems varying from routine to more challenging. Course grades will be based on these problems, class participation, the midterm exam and the final exam.

DSS advisory. If you have a physical, psychiatric, medical, or learning disability that may affect your ability to carry out the assigned course work, please contact the office of Disabled Student Services (DSS), Humanities Building, room 133, telephone 632-6748/TDGD. DSS will review your concerns and determine what accommodations may be necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation of disability is confidential.