SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 360: Geometric structures
Fall 2015

Welcome to MAT 360

This is a course in planar geometry, covering both Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries. It is assumed that you have already had a high-school course in Euclidean geometry. Our approach will be primarily axiomatic. We will be doing a lot of proofs, so it is crucial that you be familar with basic logic and proof techniques (as covered in MAT 200).

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Final exam grades are now available in BlackBoard, and the course grade is posted in Solar. Please email me with any questions.
Happy Holidays!
The final exam will be on Tu, 5:30-8:30pm, in our usual room. It will be open book. Some practice problems for the final are here. (Of course, the actual final will be much shorter - it will only contain 6 problems).
In addition, there will be a review session on Monday, 2:30pm, in our usual room.
HW 9 is assigned (due Wed, Nov 18).
HW 8 is assigned (due Wed, Nov 11).
HW 7 is assigned (due Wed, Oct 28).
As discussed in class, please re-do the midterm problems - as a take-home assignment. Here are the problems.
Here are practice problems for the midterm. UPDATE: please use the updated version instead (the correction is in problem 3).
HW 6 is assigned (due next Mon, Oct 12). Also, please remember that we have a midterm on Oct 14. More info will be given in class.
Turns out that because of computer problems, HW 5 was not posted until today. Therefore the due date is moved to Monday, Oct 5.
HW 5 is assigned.
HW 4 is assigned.
HW 3 is assigned.
HW 2 is assigned.
HW 1 assigned (check Syllabus page).
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