Froeken Bock Guide on Graduate Schools

This page is intended to help prospective graduate students from Russia ( hopefully it will be also useful for people from other countries) to choose the right university for graduate study. At the time when we (and Anya and Igor) came to the United States very little information was available. We (at least that applies to my family) chose the places to go to almost at random without any understanding of what we wanted and what we would get. Presumably current situation is better and various information on this matter is available in Russia. We still think that having one more source doesn't hurt and that this site will provide more personal accounts of various universities, departments and the surrounding area. It is not intended as a substitute for various official and unofficial guides provided by universities. These guides are often very useful and much more informative than they seem to be. We want rather to provide more personal prospective and some information which is important for Russian students and is not adequately presented in those guides.

Frequently Asked Questions