Anya Pogosyants was born on March 31, 1969 in Moscow, Russia. Her parents Bella & Gregory Pogossiants, graduated from Math Department (MechMath) of Moscow University 2 years before Anya was born. Anya began to speak when she was less than 12 months old . At one year and a half she could recite a few poems and liked to ask everybody a lot of questions.

In 1976 she entered a special Moscow French school; in 1982 she enrolled in Moscow high school #57 which provided special Mathematical education.

In this school, Anya met a number of brilliant teachers and made several good friendships with the students. Even after their graduation, the students of this #57 school continued working together during the vacation time on the White Sea Biological Station (BBS). Anya graduated from #57 in June 1986 and in August of that year she met Igor Slobodkin at the BBS station, who graduated from the same school #57 in 1984.

Also in 1986 Anya entered a BS-MS program at Moscow University. By that time Igor had already completed two years in the Physics and Technology Institute ( PhysTech).

Three and half years later, in January 19, 1990, Anya and Igor married. In spring of 1991 Anya gradueted from Moscow University with the summa cum laude MS degree in CS. In May, 1990, Anya took part in a scientific conference for the first time. It was the Russian National Conference on Computer Linguistic in Tartu University (Estonia). Her presentation "Synthesizing Language Semantic Structures for Rendering Transitive Actions" was published in the Conference Proceedings. In August, 1991, Anya and Igor came to Boston as graduate students. So began their life in America.....