MAT 123: Introduction to Calculus

Summer Session 1, 2015

Quizzes and Exams


Midterm Exam

You can see a blank copy of the midterm here, and look at the solutions to the midterm here. We won't have time to go over the solutions to the midterm in class, so please read through the solutions carefully and try to understand your mistakes - you will still be responsible for understanding this material on the final exam. For future reference, the topics list for the midterm, the sample midterm, and the solutions to the sample midterm are all still available.

An "Estimated Grade" for each student's performance up to the midterm has been posted to the grade center in Blackboard. This is meant to give you a rough idea of your current standing in the class. This is no guarantee of final grades - for example, if you have a B now as your estimated grade, this does not mean you will get a B as your final grade, especially if you do not perform well on the final exam. This score was computed using all graded work up to and including the midterm: quizzes 1-3, homeworks 1-5, and the midterm. Note that the estimated grade includes all quiz grades, even though the lowest quiz grade will be dropped when computing the final grades. This estimated grade will not be updated, so it will not reflect performance on future homework and quizzes.

Final Exam

A blank copy of the final exam is available here, with solutions here. For reference, you can still see the sample final and the solutions to the sample final. The list of topics covered on the final is here.

The grades for the final and ouverall course grades are posted to Blackboard. If you have any questions about the grading for the course, please email me. Grades will be submitted to the registrar over the weekend.