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MAT 535 Problem Sets
Algebra II

Spring 2010

There will be 1 problem set for each of the 5 units in the course. Problems due one week will often practice material covered in previous weeks. It is important to do the problems in a timely manner; do not postpone problems until the last minute.


In exceptional circumstances such as a documented medical absence, etc., the instructor will drop the missing problem set and compute the problem set total using the remaining problem sets.

You are encouraged to work with other students in the class, but your final write-up must be your own and must be based on your own understanding. Moreover, write-ups must be legible, etc. Write-ups which prove too difficult to read may be marked incorrect or may be returned to the student to be rewritten. All questions regarding grading of a problem set should be addressed to the instructor in a timely fashion.

In the assignments below, please work through all problems. Only the RED problems will be graded. Please direct any other questions regarding problem sets to your instructor.

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