Harrison Pugh

Stony Brook University
Department of Mathematics


Stony Brook University. PhD in Mathematics, 2018.
Cambridge University. Part III of the Mathematical Tripos (MASt.) 2011.
Harvard College. Bachelors in Mathematics (A.B. with High Honors) 2009.

Awards & Fellowships:

Graduate Council Fellowship, 2012-2016.
IMPA Fellowship, 2010.
High Honors from Harvard College.
National Merit Scholarship.

Papers in Preparation:

  1. Elliptic Measures and The Plateau Problem in the Presence of Gravity
  2. Smooth Structures on a Quasiconformal 4-Manifold

Preprints & Submissions:

  1. Pugh, H. Reifenberg's Isoperimetric Inequality Revisited, submitted July 2017
  2. Pugh, H. Differential Forms are Dual to a Differential Coalgebra (2016), preprint
  3. Pugh, H. A Localized Besicovitch-Federer Projection Theorem, preprint


  1. Harrison, J. & Pugh, H. General Methods of Elliptic Minimization, Calc. Var. and PDEs (2017) 56: 123
  2. Harrison, J. & Pugh, H. Plateau's Problem. Open Problems in Mathematics, Nash, Rassias (Eds.) (2016), 273-302
  3. Harrison, J. & Pugh, H. Solutions to the Reifenberg Plateau problem with cohomological spanning conditions. Calc. Var. and PDEs (2016) 55, no. 4, Paper No. 87, 37 pp.
  4. Harrison, J. & Pugh, H. Existence and soap film regularity of solutions to Plateau’s problem, Advances in the Calculus of Variations (2016) Volume 9, Issue 4, pp. 357-394
  5. Harrison, J. & Pugh, H. Topological aspects of differential chains. J. Geom. Anal. 22 (2012), no. 3, 685–690

Seminars & Invited Talks:

Other Activities: