A motivation for the paper [BS1] was the earlier work by Ruelle and Sullivan [RS]. Ruelle and Sullivan consider diffeomorphisms which are Axiom A (which means that they are hyperbolic on the nonwandering set, and the periodic points are dense in the nonwandering set). A hyperbolic map has laminations by stable manifolds and unstable manifolds. Ruelle and Sullivan show that for Axiom A diffeomorphisms, the stable and unstable manifolds can be given the structure of geometric currents. This is done by using the theory of Axiom A maps.
On the other hand, a complex Hénon map has the function G+, and so there is always a current ddcG+. In [BS1] it is shown that if J is a hyperbolic set for f, then f is Axiom A. In addition, the currents ddcG+ and ddcG- have the structure of geometric currents as given in [RS].

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