Dyi-Shing Ou

About Me

PhD canadate in Mathematics, Stony Brook University

Thesis advisor: Marco Martens

Topic: Nonexistence of Wandering Domains for Infinite Renormalizable Hénon Maps (tentative)

Research area: Dynamical systems

Github: Profile, Renormalization Plot (priviate repository)

Formal education: Mathematics (M.S.), Applied Mathematics (B.S.), ElectroPhysics (B.S.)

Informal education: Computer science

Past experience: Teaching assistant, Research and Development engineer (software design and maintenance), Research assistant (physics), Internet server manager

About the Webpage

This website is purely designed by text editor.

Browser and Mobile compatible: tested on Firefox 50.1, Firefox 50 on Android, Chrome 55, and Chrome 55 on Android

Libraries and Software used: jQuery and jQuery UI are used for enhancing the user interface. MathJax is used for displaying math contents. Eclipse and GIMP are used to edit the pages and images.