MAT 530: Geometry and Topology I (Fall 2014)

About the course

The field of topology was developed about 100 years ago to provide foundations for analysis and geometry. In the course, we will look at the most important definitions and results from basic point set topology and elementary algebraic topology. For textbook, we will use the second edition of Topology by James Munkres; the paperback version costs less than $20 on amazon. Please have a look at the syllabus for additional information.

Time and location

We meet on Monday and Wednesday, 10:00–11:20 am, in room P-124 of the Physics building, with an extra (inofficial) recitation hour on Friday, 10:00–11:00 am, in room P-123. Office hours are on Friday, 1:00–3:00 pm, in room 3-117 of the Mathematics building.


The midterm was held in class on October 15. Here are the solutions. The average was 28 (out of 40) and the median 27; the highest score was 40, the lowest one 16.

Final exam

The final exam was held on December 16. Here are the solutions.

Lecture notes

Here are my notes for the lectures.

Homework assignments