Adrian Brunyate

Adrian Brunyate
Department of Mathematics
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794

Office: 4119 Math Tower

Email: brunyate(at)gmail(dot)com


Who am I?

I'm a NSF postdoctoral fellow attached to the Math Department at the Stony Brook.


I study algebraic geometry, specifically moduli theory, with Valery Alexeev. My current work involves studying a compactification of the moduli of elliptic K3 surfaces, with section. My papers:


I'm currently teaching Logic, Language, and Proof (MAT 200) at Stony Brook. The course web page is here.

At UGA, I previously taught Precalcuus Math 1113. You can find documents relating to the course here.

Before that, I taught MATH 2250, Calculus I and another MATH 1113 section. The course web pages are here and here.

Other Stuff

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