WSE 187: 
Curve Fitting.
(Session 3)
March 11 - March 30
Tuesday-Thursday 3:50-5:10 p.m. S235 Math Tower
Araceli M. Bonifant  
Office: Math Tower 4-107
Phone: 632-8275

Moira Chas  
Office: Math Tower 4-120
Phone: 632-8278

Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday.

About the course:
After a quick and general introduction to Maple (a mathematics computer program) we will look at several ways of approximating the data obtained from some experiment. We will study the Least Squares-Method and Polynomial Interpolation. At the end of the project the students will be asked to fit a line to some data in three different ways.

Note: No experience with computers is needed.

Project:  The project that will be given in this class is the first of the projects assigned to students of Mat 331:Mathematical Problem Solving with Computers.

Click here to go over the classes and find the DATA for your final project. YOUR DATA is UNDER YOUR FIRST NAME. Example: If your first name is Jen, your data is Jen.txt

  • Notes for Mat331 Mathematical Problem Solving with Computers, by Santiago Simanca and Scott Sutherland, Summer 2002 edition. (First and second chapters)