SUNY at Stony Brook MAT 515:
Fall 2017


Date Topics Homework and additional material
08/28 M Introduction, basic concepts and notions (Chapter Intro)
Angles (Chapter 1: Section 1)
1st HW Due Wed 09/06
08/30 W Perpendicular lines (C1:S2)
Propositions in Mathematics (C1:S3)
09/04 M NO CLASS: Labor Day -
09/06 W Triangles, polygons (C1:S4) 2nd HW Due Wed 09/13
09/11 M Isosceles triangles, symmetry (C1:S5) 3rd HW Due Wed 09/20
09/13 W Congruence of triangles (C1:S6) -
09/18 M Inequalities in triangles (C1:S7) 4th HW Due Wed 09/27, problems 7, 8 extended until Fri 09/29
09/20 W Right triangles (C1:S8) -
09/25 M Segment and angle bisectors (C1:S9) No homework due first midterm week. Sample exams one and two
09/27 W Discussion of homeworks, review for midterm Shortest bouncing path and Minimal perimeter triangle exercises
10/02 M FIRST MIDTERM (in class) Midterm 1 and Solutions with partial scores
10/04 W Construction problems (C1:S10) 5th HW Due Mon 10/16, False proof on Numberphile, False proof explanation
10/09 M Parallel lines (C1:S11) 6th HW Due Mon 10/23
10/11 W Angle sum of polygons (C1:S12) -
10/16 M Parallelogram, trapezoid (C1:S13) 7th HW Due Mon 10/30
10/18 W Construction and symmetries (C1:S14) Extra HW Extended until Wed 11/08 - Practice for Mid 2
10/23 M Circles and chords (C2:S1) 8th HW Extended until Wed 11/08
10/25 W Mutual position of lines and circles (C2:S2) -
10/30 M Mutual position of two circles (C2:S3), Inscribed angles (C2:S4) Review for Mid 2
11/01 W Constructions: circles, chords, tangents, angles (C2:S5) -
11/06 M Construction problems: review for the midterm -
11/08 W Homework discussion, review for the midterm -
11/13 M SECOND MIDTERM (in class) Midterm 2 and Solutions with partial scores
11/15 W Constructions and problem solving involvolving tangencies (C2:S5) -
11/20 M Polygons and circles (C2:S6), Concurrency points (C2:S7) 9th HW Due Wed Nov 29
11/22 W NO CLASS: Thanksgiving Translation decomposition, rotation decomposition
11/27 M Isometries (Notes by Oleg Viro and Olga Plamenevskaya) Sample final, Due Wed Dec 6, Solutions with and without figures
11/29 W Similarities (Notes by Oleg Viro and Olga Plamenevskaya) 10th HW Extended Tue Dec 12
12/04 M Pythagorean theorem Two rotations
12/06 W Review for the final Survival kit for the final
12/12 Tu FINAL EXAM Solutions and scoring