mhtml> MAT 122, Overview of calculus, Fall 2003

MAT 122, Overview of Calculus

Fall 2003

Christopher Bishop

Professor, Mathematics
SUNY Stony Brook

Office: 4-112 Mathematics Building
Phone: (516)-632-8274
Dept. Phone: (516)-632-8290
FAX: (516)-632-7631

This is a one semester introduction to the main ideas of calculus: differentiation and integration. The emphasis is on concepts, examples and computations and is less theoretical than MAT 131 or MAT 141. There will be two midterm exams, a final and weekly homework sets and quizes.

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Email the TA's using either Julie Demola or Dezhen Xu Susana Core

Lecture 2 of MAT 122 is taught by Dan Moraru. send him email . Visit his webpage . His grader for this lecture is Young Woo Nam .

Email both MAT 122 lecturers Bishop and Moraru.

Email all MAT 122 instructors Bishop, Moraru, Demola, Xu, Core .

Sylabus: postscript file . pdf file

Lecture schedule and Homework assignments: postscript file . pdf file

FIRST MIDTERM IS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 8:30-10:00 PM Section 1 (Demola) is in Javits 111, Section 2 (Xu) is in Harriman 112, Section 3 (Core) is in Harriman 116 and ELC 2 (Moraru) is in Physics P-113

Sample exam (midterm 1). This gives a rough idea of the questions on the first midterm. However, there are many differences and there is not a one-to-one correspondence between questions on the sample and questions on the actual midterm. The actual midterm will have about 10 multiple choice questions, some questions matching graphs to formulas, estimating derivatives from a graph and matching graphs of functions with graphs of their derivatives: postscript file . pdf file

SECOND MIDTERM IS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 8:30-10:00 PM Sections 1 (Demola) and 3 (Core) will be in Old Engineering 145 and Section 2 (Xu) and ELC 2 (Moraru) will be in the Library Alliance Room (this may be a little hard to find: it is in the basement of the library and can be entered from outside near the bottom of the black and white zig-zag path which is between the library and the old chemistry building). Sample exam (midterm2) postscript file . pdf file

Susana Core will hold a review session for Section 3 on Monday Nov 10, 5:00-8:00 in P-131 of the Math Building.

THE FINAL IS 2:00-4:30, Wednesday, December 17 ROOMS: OLD ENG 143 (sections 1 and 3) and OLD ENG 145 (section 2 and ELC2). Sample final postscript file . pdf file

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