MAT 551: Real Analysis III

Fall 2009

Instructor. Michael Anderson, Math 4-110.
E-mail:, Phone: 632-8269.
Lectures: MF: 11:20-12:40, in Math 4-130.

Office Hours. TuWTh 1-2pm, and by appointment.

Course Description. This is a basic course in functional analysis centered on the spectral theorem for bounded and unbounded operators in Hilbert and Banach spaces. Having developed this, we will then focus on several applications to linear and possibly some aspects of non-linear PDE.

Topics to be discussed include:

Prerequisites: The basic core course curriculum.

Texts. There are no texts that will be required for the course per se. At least for the first half of the semester, the main reference is:

Assignments and Grading: There may be occasional homework assignments or exercises, not necessarily individually graded. It may also be possible to do some class presentations of some material. Besides this, the class grade will be based on class participation.

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