MAT 131, Spring 2002

Final Review Problems

Help with completing these review problems and understanding their solutions is available from your TA or your instructor during office hours, or at the Math Learning Center (Physics A-127).

The final exam will take place on Friday, May 10 from 2:00 - 4:30pm.
Exam rooms:

Sections 1-4, Old Engineering 143
Sections 5-7, Old Engineering 145

Review from Chapter 1: p. 84-87. Also check out the Princples of Problem Solving on p. 88!

Review from Chapter 2: p. 181-184

Review from Chapter 3: p. 258-260

Review from Chapter 4: p. 336-339

Review from Chapter 5: p. 438-441:
Concept Check: 1-7. True False: 1-8, 15. Exercises: do exercises from sections 5.1-5.4.

Fall 1999 Exam

Fall 2000 Exam

You may also wish to try the COW (Calculus on the Web). Click on "Calculus Book I," then choose chapter 2 (Limits and Continuity), chapter 3 (The Derivative), or chapter 4 (Techniques and Theory of Differentiation). You can solve problems and get instant feedback!