Sunday, June 16
Father's Day
When:        Sun, Jun 16   
Monday, June 17
SCGP: Operator Algebras and Quantum Physics Workshop
When:        Mon, Jun 17    — Fri, Jun 21   
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Wednesday, June 19
10:15am    YITP: Cosmo seminar: Boris Bolliet (Manchester)
Where:      Math Tower 6125When:        Wed, Jun 19    10:15am — 11:15am
Speaker:   Boris Bolliet (University of Manchester)

Title:          Cosmological constraints from tSZ power spectrum and cluster counts

In this talk we will review the formalism for the modelling of the Sunyaev Zeldovich (SZ) power spectrum and cluster counts and how to compare them with observations. We will outline their dependencies on cosmological parameters, as well as the mass bias associated with the X-ray calibration of the cluster masses. Then, we will discuss the consistency between Planck SZ data, Planck Primary CMB, and other LSS probes. Finally, we will study constraints on extensions of the LCDM cosmology by including massive neutrinos and the equation of state of dark energy in the SZ analyses.

2:00pm    SCGP: Physics Seminar: Spenta Wadia
Where:      313When:        Wed, Jun 19    2:00pm — 3:00pm
Title:          Pure states, black hole formation and Choptuik transition in the SYK model

Abstract:    We discuss the evolution of pure states through two quences in the SYK Model. The first quench pumps energy out of the system. In the bulk dual this corresponds to starting with a black hole spacetime and beyond a critical perturbation the geometry horizon disappears. The second quench pumps energy into the system and one observes the formation of a horizon asymptotically in time. This black hole temperature has a Choptuik like scaling form with exponent 1/2.
Monday, June 24
11:00am    SCGP: Operator Algebras Program Seminar: Albert Schwarz
Where:      313When:        Mon, Jun 24    11:00am — 12:00pm
Title:          Scattering theory in algebraic approach. Inclusive S-matrix