Laminations and Foliations 
in Dynamics, Geometry and Topology

SUNY at Stony Brook

May 18 (Monday) - May 24 (Sunday) 1998 
Parallel Sessions


Session I:
8:00 pm Boyland
New dynamical invariants on hyperbolic manifolds.
9:00 pm Levin
Dynamical laminations of polynomials.
9:30 pm Nitica
An open dense set of stably ergodic diffeomorphisms around a non-ergodic one.

Session II:
8:00 pm Hoffoss
Quasigeodesic flows on hyperbolic 3-manifolds which fiber over the circle
8:30 pm Rieck
Finiteness of Heegaard surfaces for most 3-manifolds - Preliminary report. (with Eric Sedgewick)
9:00 pm Labourie
The space of all convex surfaces as a hyperbolic lamination


Session I:
8:00 pm Su
New Solenoids in Dynamics.
8:30 pm Walczak
Virtual leaves.
9:00 pm Bis
Pseudo-orbits, pseudoleaves and geometric entropy of foliations.

Session II:
8:00 pm Zorich
Topological dynamics of orientable measured foliations and Teichmuller geodesic flow.
8:30 pm Potyagailo
Foliated complexes and hierarchical accessibility of finitely presented groups.
9:00 pm Leeb
On the rigidity of nonpositively curved spaces of higher rank.


Session I:
8:00 pm Rosales-Gonzales
On countable number of limit cycles in polynomial equations in C^2.
8:30 pm Glutsuk
Stokes operators via limit monodromy of generic deformation.
9:00 pm Salem
On topological classification of germs of holomorphic foliations.

Session II:
8:00 pm Friedland
Hausdorff measure for hyperbolic Henon maps and generalizations.
8:30 pm Kholodenko
Use of meanders and train tracks for description of statics and dynamics of liquid crystals and 2+1 gravity.
9:00 pm Sesay
Chaotic foliations on manifolds.