Visualizing Women in Science, Mathematics and Engineering
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    Professor of Mathematics at SUNY Stony Brook since 1968, Tony Phillips first became involved in this project through his connection with artist Pam Davis-Kivelson, with whom he team-taught a Math/Art course in 1989. After that, they collaborated on a video-"A Day in the Life of a Knot"-about knots in real life and in mathematics. When Davis-Kivelson began working on the posters which appear in this web-site, Phillips was attracted by the educational potential, and began to plan for the study guide that would accompany the posters. The poster project is important to Phillips because "besides interesting more women and girls in scientific careers, it will help to demystify research in science and in math in particular." Phillips works in differential topology, and is interested in applications to theoretical physics through lattice field theory. He edits a webpage for the American Mathematical Society: "What's New in Mathematics" (