in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

A conference to celebrate Dennis Sullivan's 60th birthday

Department of Mathematics and Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Stony Brook, New York

June 14-21, 2001

A. Ashtekar J. Baez A. de Carvalho R. Forman
K. Fukaya J. Hubbard D. Kreimer C. McMullen
Y. Minsky M. Polyak N. Reshetikhin D. Sullivan
D. Thurston B. Tsygan P. van Nieuwenhuizen A. Voronov

Organizing Committee: A. de Carvalho, D. Gromoll, B. Lawson Jr., A. Kirillov Jr., M. Lyubich, J. Milnor, A. Phillips, S. Simanca, S. Sutherland, L. Takhtajan.

Graphs occur as organizing objects in several fields of mathematics and theoretical physics. Each field interprets them in its own language. As a consequence, parallel developments are often played out in isolation from each other. The object of the conference was to present and try to bring together some or all of the following topics:

Conference Proceedings:

We plan to publish a volume with the Proceedings of this conference. If you would like to submit a contribution, please contact any of the organizers. All contributions will be subject to review.

This event was sponsored by the James H. Simons Math-Physics Endowment and the National Science Foundation.

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