Gyeongju Korea

A satellite conference to ICM 2014, organized in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute

23-26 August 2014

Holomorphic Dynamics in One and Several Variables


The conference was held at the Kolon Hotel in Gyeongju, Korea. This brought together over 60 research mathematicians (ranging from graduate students to acknowledged experts in the field) to discuss topics in holomorphic dynamics in one and several complex variables,

Schedule and Location

The conference was held at the Kolon Hotel.

You can see the list of participants (also in PDF), and the schedule of talks with abstracts. And a here is a photo of most of the participants and some other photos taken during the conference.

Slides of Lectures

The slides of the lectures are available here.

Poster Session

The list of participants that presented a poster and their titles are here. (You can find pictures of the posters by clicking on the name of the poster.)

Conference poster

You can get the poster here: low resolution jpg file, US letter size, US ledger size, or 18"x24" poster size, or A4 size.

Organizers and Supporters

Taeyong Ahn, Postech
Araceli Bonifant, University of Rhode Island
Scott Sutherland, Stony Brook University
We are grateful to the National Science Foundation and the Clay Mathematics Institute for their support of this conference.
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