Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims99-7c

B. Weiss
"Unique Ergodicity on Compact Homogeneous Spaces"

Abstract: Extending results of a number of authors, we prove that if $U$ is the unipotent radical of a solvable epimorphic subgroup of an algebraic group $G$, then the action of $U$ on $G/\Gamma$ is uniquely ergodic for every cocompact lattice $\Gamma$ in $G$. This gives examples of uniquely ergodic and minimal two-dimensional flows on homogeneous spaces of arbitrarily high dimension. Our main tools are Ratner classification of ergodic invariant measures for the action of a unipotent subgroup on a homogeneous space, and a simple lemma (the `Cone Lemma') about representations of epimorphic subgroups. (revised version of July 1999)
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