Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims97-2

J.J.P. Veerman and L. Jonker
Rigidity Properties Of Locally Scaling Fractals

Abstract: Local scaling of a set means that in a neighborhood of a point the structure of the set can be mapped into a finer scale structure of the set. These scaling transformations are compact sets of locally affine (that is: with uniformly $\alpha$-H\"older continuous derivatives) contractions. In this setting, without any assumption on the spacing of these contractions such as the open set condition, we show that the measure of the set is an upper semi-continuous of the scaling transformation in the $C^0$-topology. With a restriction on the 'non-conformality' (see below) the Hausdorff dimension is lower semi-continous function in the $C^{1}$-topology. We include some examples to show that neither of these notions is continuous.
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