Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims94-9

T. Bedford & A. Fisher
Ratio Geometry, Rigidity and the Scenery Process for Hyperbolic Cantor Sets

Abstract: Given a $C^{1+\gamma}$ hyperbolic Cantor set $C$, we study the sequence $C_{n,x}$ of Cantor subsets which nest down toward a point $x$ in $C$. We show that $C_{n,x}$ is asymptotically equal to an ergodic Cantor set valued process. The values of this process, called limit sets, are indexed by a H\"older continuous set-valued function defined on D. Sullivan's dual Cantor set. We show the limit sets are themselves $C^{k+\gamma}, C^\infty$ or $C^\omega$ hyperbolic Cantor sets, with the highest degree of smoothness which occurs in the $C^{1+\gamma}$ conjugacy class of $C$. The proof of this leads to the following rigidity theorem: if two $C^{k+\gamma}, C^\infty$ or $C^\omega$ hyperbolic Cantor sets are $C^1$-conjugate, then the conjugacy (with a different extension) is in fact already $C^{k+\gamma}, C^\infty$ or $C^\omega$. Within one $C^{1+\gamma}$ conjugacy class, each smoothness class is a Banach manifold, which is acted on by the semigroup given by rescaling subintervals. Conjugacy classes nest down, and contained in the intersection of them all is a compact set which is the attractor for the semigroup: the collection of limit sets. Convergence is exponentially fast, in the $C^1$ norm.
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