Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprint ims94-2

H. Bruin, G. Keller, T. Nowicki, & S. van Strien
Absorbing Cantor sets in dynamical systems: Fibonacci maps

Abstract: In this paper we shall show that there exists a polynomial unimodal map f: [0,1] -> [0,1] which is 1) non-renormalizable(therefore for each x from a residual set, $\omega(x)$ is equal to an interval), 2) for which $\omega(c)$ is a Cantor set, and 3) for which $\omega(x)=\omega(c)$ for Lebesgue almost all x. So the topological and the metric attractor of such a map do not coincide. This gives the answer to a question posed by Milnor.
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